Grassroots Wins Elections

It has been proven time and time again.  And it is the greatest example of voters taking back their power from special interest and big government.   But  grassroots campaigning only works when you organize.  
If you want to help Cord win, the single greatest thing you can do is populate our grassroots database with your family friends and neighbors.  Whether that is 10, 100 or 1000, we need to identify them so that when voting begins, you can make sure that they vote.  GOTV (Get Out The Vote) has never been so effective!
The beauty of this system is that we don't need to make those annoying robo-calls to voters who aren't going to answer, or worse get mad that we called them.  Instead, when your name pops up on their phone, they will answer and you can encourage them to vote for Cord.  Together we can take our electoral system back from "the candidate with the most money wins" to "the best candidate wins".
It's simple and can be done from the comfort of our couch - Register below using the Campaign Code "Cord Byrd" and start entering voters!  If you need any assistance, you can email iElect support directly by clicking here .
Register and start populating your Sphere TODAY!