Meet Cord

  Who am I?
I am a Christian.  "I’m the King’s good servant, but God’s first."; Sir Thomas More spoke those words before losing his life for opposing the King.  I’m an elder and adult Sunday school teacher at Community Presbyterian Church in Atlantic Beach.  What happens in this world, specifically this country, is important to me, but my eternity is secure and that gives me the strength to fight the good fight as long as God sees fit to keep me here.
I am husband and father.  I'm blessed to be married to my best friend.  We sacrifice so that Esther can be home with our children.  We sit down at the dinner table every night and pray together.  Our life is simple and we love every moment of it.
I am a small business owner.  In 2007, at the start of the recession, I invested in my dream of starting my own law practice to represent the people of our community.  Running a small business, I sign not only the back, but the front of a check.  I also understand the burdensome taxes, fees and regulations which stifle economic innovation and growth. 
I am a constitutionalist. Being conservative isn’t enough anymore; and campaign conservatives, those Republicans who, each campaign season, wrap themselves in the flag and tell you how conservative they are, then forget all about it when they get to their office, are the problem with the Republican party.  The most important factor for me when I’m vetting a candidate is whether they have a real, working understanding of the Constitution and founding principles; because if they don’t, they can’t help us right this ship and worse, they will quickly succumb to the money and power that corrupts even the best intentioned politicians. 
Why am I running for State House?
I am running for State House because "all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing".  I cannot remain silent while our history, traditions and institutions are under assault.  The Federal government has usurped so much power from the States that it barely resembles a Representative Republic.  People of faith with conviction in our families, freedom and limited government must stand united.
The federal government will not give back its power willingly; change will have to come from the States.  The only chance we have of righting the ship is to elect Constitutionalists at every level of government.  We must elect representatives who have the knowledge, passion and courage to fight!  I do, I have and I will!

Cord and his wife, Esther

Cord and his family at Big Talbot Island

Cord on a fieldtrip with his middle school students

Esther at USMC Cold Weather Medicine School MWTC Bridgeport 2005

Independence Day!

Cord speaking at the National Firearms Law Seminar at 2015 NRA Convention in Nashville