Cord's Proven Record

There is too much at stake to gamble on campaign promises

It's not enough to believe in conservative principles; ask every candidate what they have DONE to further Liberty, Constitutionally Limited government and the Rule of Law.

Defending your right to Keep and Bear Arms
Defending your gun rights is not about guns -- it's about the Constitution. The Second Amendment ensures that the rest of the Constitution can be defended. The focus of Cord's legal practice is firearms rights. He represents some of the largest firearms retailers and manufacturers in Florida and the country. In addition, he counsels individuals on state and federal firearms laws.  Cord is currently representing a small business against the anti-gun Brady Campaign who is trying to bankrupt small businesses through frivolous litigation.
Cord is the only candidate A+ rated by the NRA, was a featured speaker at the NRA's National Firearms Law Seminar in 2015 and is an NRA Benefactor Life Member.
Fighting Voter Fraud
Since 1998 Cord has represented the Republican Party and Republican candidates in every federal and state election as a poll watcher and election law attorney.  Significantly, in 2000, Cord was in Palm Beach County assisting with the Bush v. Gore presidential recount.  In 2010 Cord was asked by the Republican Party of Nevada to lead the fight against voter fraud in Reno in an effort to defeat Democrat Senator Harry Reid.
Fighting for Educational Liberty
As a former classroom teacher, Cord understands the needs of parents and students as well as educators. He is a vocal opponent to the federal takeover of our local schools through the implementation of Common Core and has offered legal advice to parental rights groups.  Cord is an advocate of school choice, allowing parents, not bureaucrats,  to make the best educational decisions for their children.
Fighting Fraud in the legal system
Fraud and abuse of the legal system is a problem that undermines the rule of law. In 2003 Cord argued and won the first major anti-fraud workers' compensation case in Florida. This decision has saved Florida businesses countless millions of dollars in fraudulent claims and preserved the integrity of the system for legitimately injured workers.
Read the case here: Village Apartments v. Hernandez
Educating the public about Constitutional Issues
As a lifelong student of history, politics and the founding, Cord has expansive knowledge and a unique ability to explain current issues through the lens of liberty.  Cord has spoken dozens of times to civic groups and organizations on Constitutional topics at their request.  He has become the "go to guy" for many groups and is called back repeatedly when a Constitutional topic interests them.  During the 2012 primary, there were 11 Constitutional Amendments on the ballot; Cord accompanied the Duval County Supervisor of Elections  on a tour of civic groups in order to educate voters about the Amendments.
Helping legal immigrants become American citizens
 Cord is a proponent of secure borders and legal immigration. To this end, Cord has enjoyed imparting his knowledge and passion about the history and values of the United States by helping legal immigrants study to become American citizens.